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OKLAHOMA CITY – While spring break for some school districts has already begun, the busiest time for air travel will begin this Thursday, March 13 through the weekend.

Travelers can expect a busy airport and full planes.  This means longer lines at the ticket counters and at the checkpoints.

Spring break travelers typically check more bags and carry more items through the checkpoint.

The airlines, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the airport, all recommend that passengers arrive at the terminal at least an hour and half before departure time.

This will allow plenty of time to park the car, check bags, pass through security and board the aircraft.

Other things to remember:

  • Travelers should be prepared to go through the checkpoint.  All liquids and gels taken in carryon luggage must be three (3) ounces or less and contained in a clear, zip-lock bag.  This bag must be taken out of the carry-on bag and placed separately in a bin.  Laptops must also be removed from their cases and placed separately in a bin.
  • Shoes must be removed so it is advised that travelers wear shoes that can easily slip off and on (children under 12 and adults 75 and older can leave their shoes on.)  Minimize jewelry or other items that might set off the screening machines.
  • Many airlines now close flight check-in, both online and at the ticket counter, 25-30 minutes prior to departure to ensure on-time departures.  This means that if you have not checked-in by that time you will not receive a boarding pass.  Rebooking can be tough, since flights are very full and available seats are at a premium.
  • Be sure to factor in parking time.  While parking staff are geared up to assist, the high volume of parkers may increase the time it takes to find a parking space.