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Child found inside of towed vehicle, Father facing charges

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Courtesy: NBCNews

DENVER – A Denver father is facing charges after police found his one-year-old child in his towed car.

Thomas Benton left his sleeping baby in the car alone, and his car was towed while he was away.

Reports say that Benton parked in a private spot, and then went into some nearby apartments.

After leaving the apartments, Benton was unable to locate his car.

According to reports, Benton thought his car has been stolen, and that his child was kidnapped.

Police say they were notified the car was being towed, so they knew Benton’s vehicle was not stolen.

After tracking his car to the impound lot, they found his one-year-old baby still inside of the vehicle.

The operator says they never saw the baby, but they will not be held liable.

Sonny Jackson from the Denver Police Department says, “It comes down to you as a parent, you’ve got a child, you’re responsible for your child”

The child was found safe, but these close calls do not always end happily.