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Courtesy: Save Josh Facebook page

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – According to WTVR, parents who fought to have their seven-year-old son treated with an experimental drug say the medicine is working.

Josh Hardy began being treated with the Chimerix’s Brincidofovir at St. Jude Children Hospital in Memphis.

Josh’s mother, Aimee Hardy said in a blog post that her son is “very close to getting out of the ICU.”


Hardy said that they are grateful for how well the medicine is working.

Hardy wrote, “After 2 doses of the Brincidofovir, the log copies in Josh’s blood went down to 1000. GOD is truly moving mountains in Josh’s life. And we are grateful we are able to be used to bring GOD Glory.”

According to Hardy, the drug is suppressing the virus, but he is not quite out of the woods.

Hardy’s blog post stated, “Josh has tremendous tummy pain because his body is not ridding itself of fluid because his kidneys are not functioning…. The kidney function is the last major key for Josh’s full recovery.”

To follow Josh’s journey, visit his Facebook page, Save Josh.