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4 Seniors: Products that help you safely stay behind the wheel

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Driving is one of those privileges of everyday life you may not appreciate until it is taken away from you.

For seniors, losing the ability to drive can have a huge impact on their lifestyle.

Now, there are more products that can help aging drivers safely stay behind the wheel.

If you struggle to get into the car, the Stranders Metro Car Handle is inserted onto the doorframe to help you get in and out of the car.

Also, the CarCaddie is a nylon strap that hooks around the top of the door window frame.

The Swivel Seat Cushion turns 360 degrees to help drivers and passengers rotate their body into and out of the vehicle.

If you struggle seeing over your shoulder or merging into traffic, the AllView Mirror is an oversized mirror that attaches to the existing mirror to widen your visibility and eliminate blind spots.

Blind Spot Mirrors stick to the corner of the side view mirrors to improve vision.

A Backup Camera helps you avoid turning around when backing up and attaches to the license plate with a monitor on the dashboard.

The Sun Zapper Glare Shield are tinted visors that clip to the existing sun visor to remove sun glare.

If arthritis makes it hard for you to grip the steering wheel or even turn the key, the Key Turner is a handle that attaches to car keys to provide additional leverage, making it easier to turn the key.

The Gas Cap Removal Tool will help at the pump by working like a wrench to loosen and tighten the gas cap.

The Steering Wheel Cover makes the wheel larger and easier to grip.

If you struggle to see over the steering wheel or reach the pedals, a Wedge Seat Cushion supports the back and elevates you a few inches.

The Foot Pedal Extensions allow you to reach the pedals while staying 10 to 12 inches away from the wheel.

The Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle is a six-inch rubber extension handle that attaches to the seat belt strap to make it easier to reach.

A Seat Belt Shoulder Pad fits around the shoulder straps to protect your neck and shoulders from rubbing and chafing.

All the items, except the pedal extensions and backup camera, cost under $50 and can be purchased on Amazon.

Savvy Senior Jim Miller stopped by with information on the products.