Adults are unhappiest at this age…


Social economists say the life cycle of human happiness is U-shaped.

We’re really happy when we’re young, and happy again when we’re old.

That low point in the middle? We call it a mid-life crisis.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne in Australia tracked the happiness levels of thousands of people in Australia, Britain and Germany over multiple decades.

They found people in all three countries were unhappiest between the ages of 40 and 42.

“What is interesting is the consistency of the results in all of the three countries we examined. Human happiness hits the lowest point around the ages of 40 to 42,” said Dr. Cheng.

Dr. Cheng also pointed out that other findings had also indicated that the mid-life crises was also evident in apes, suggesting the phenomenon could be part of our genetic make-up.

So go ahead and buy yourself that sports car – science has proven you need it.