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Blast from the past: A look in a rare safe dating back 115 years ago

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OKLAHOMA - Ever wonder what small town Oklahoma was like 100 years ago?

Recently a large safe, dating back over 115 years ago, was found inside a small town bank.

Stonewall may be consider small-town USA where everybody knows everybody. But it has guarded a secret for almost a century.

Theories about what was inside this safe at the old "First State Bank" on main street have been the town's biggest unsolved mystery.

City administrator Dennis Heath says he recently took the vault to a local restoration shop and it took them three months just to open it.
"You know there were all kinds of myths about what might be inside of it. Lots of money maybe. Or maybe some gold bars or something of that nature. And inside the safe was another safe," says Heath.

Inside that safe was a rare collection of foreign coins from countries like France, Mexico, and Canada. The focus of the safe has fully shifted to its restoration.

"And people will see it, and it will capture their attention and transport them back in time to when stonewall used to be kind of a hoppin' town so to speak," says Heath.

This is the bank in Stonewall where the safe was originally found and will be returned upon its completion. Now the city administrator tells me that his best guess is that the safe was first used by the settlers of this town.