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Rep. Sally Kern says people who disagree with her are ‘stoning God’

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OKLAHOMA - Monday during a radio interview with "In the Market" host Janet Parshall, Representative Sally Kern defended a statement she made in 2011, calling the homosexual agenda worse than terrorism.

Representative Kern says, “Everybody understands terrorism destroys people’s lives, it destroys property. All I meant was, all I was saying was the homosexual agenda is destroying people’s lives. I never meant to call them terrorists.”

Kern then went on to say anyone who disagrees with her is stoning God.

“They weren’t just stoning me, they were stoning and desecrating the God that I love.”

Click here for the radio interview in its entirety.

On Monday, Scott J. Hamilton with the Cimarron Alliance Equality Center was listening.

Hamilton says, “That’s a kin to me saying if you don’t embrace me fully as a gay man and as a child of God, then you’re stoning God.”

He says agreeing to disagree is what America is all about.

“There are times when people will disagree with us,” says Hamilton. “As a matter of fact that’s what makes our country so strong.”

Jason and Darren Black Bear married on Oklahoma tribal land in October.

Kern spoke out against their nuptials and in response the couple took a picture kissing at Representative Kern’s seat at the capital.

They both say the radio interview didn't surprise them.

“I’m not asking her to change her religion. I’m not asking her to change her point of view on homosexuality,” says Black Bear. “She is a bigger threat to American society than any terrorist and she is definitely a bigger threat than any homosexual.”

Representative Kern says, “To me the real hate is from people who say you’re born this way and you can`t change. Deal with it.”

We did reach out to Representative Kern for comment but she has not yet responded.