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4-year-old serves as ‘inspiration’ to rescuers, family among 176 people still missing in mudslide

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SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. (CNN) РThe search continues for hundreds of victims after a massive landslide wiped out homes and businesses near a small town.

So far, 14 people have been confirmed dead and 176 people remain missing.

However, many of those names are thought to be duplicates.

Amazingly, a 4-year-old boy was one of those rescued.

First responders spotted the child nearly drowning in the mud.

Ed Hrivnak, with Pierce County Fire and Rescue, said, “He was stuck. He was sunk into the mud so well that his pants came right off.”

He added, “The mud had compacted around him and had created such suction that he couldn’t move.”

Robin Youngblood, the boy’s neighbor, said, “They brought him to us in the ambulance and I took all his clothes off because he was freezing, wrapped him up and held him and told him I was a grandma.”

Youngblood told Q13 Fox News the boy’s three siblings and father are among the victims still missing from the mudslide.

Youngblood said, “Couldn’t find the rest of his family.”

She says she comforted the child until his mother arrived at the hospital.

As for the crew that saved him, they’re thankful for the rescue as well.

They say it gives them hope in their search.

Hrivnak said, “That little guy was quite the trooper. He was a real inspiration to the whole crew.”

Making matters worse, more rain is expected to move into the area.