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Oklahoma man arrested for allegedly burning cross into family’s yard, fighting officer

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EDMOND, Okla. - An Edmond man is in custody after allegedly burning the shape of a cross into an Edmond family's yard and fighting an officer.

According to police, 31-year-old Shawn Crail is now facing arson charges among others after the altercation Sunday.

Officers said surveillance video shows Crail burning a cross into a family's grass near W. Coffee Creek Rd. and N. Kelly Ave.

Police said Crail also poured gasoline on cars in the driveway.

When crews arrived, they found the yard on fire.

Police talked to the homeowners and said they told officers they recognized Crail in the video and said they had trouble with him in the past.

So much so they were forced to file a victim's protective order against him in February.

Officers found Crail in the neighborhood and tried to arrest him but he didn't go quietly.

They said he fought backĀ and ended up ripping the officer's pants in the process.

That's when they determined an officer ran into him earlier that night about a mile away from the home.

Officers said they asked him about the gas can he was carrying and Crail told them it was "for a friend."

Crail is facing charges for violating the VPO, numerous counts of arson and obstructing an officer.