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SLOW DOWN: Traffic tickets do more than just make you pay once

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Accidents and DUI’s will push up your car insurance rates.

But what about smaller infractions, like rolling through a stop sign?

Well, that will cost you too.

Cruising through a stop sign, not yielding to pedestrians, not wearing a seat-belt can all hike up your insurance rate by about 20%.

Even though these are considered minor violations, you can add points on your license or even spend time in jail.

In addition to putting people’s lives at risk, if you get a ticket for a DUI, you might pay 80% more in auto insurance.

“Some carriers see these violations as indicators that you might get into a future accident,” said Laura Adams, senior insurance analyst for insuranceQuotes.com.

The average insurance increases are based on a hypothetical 45-year-old, married female who has a clean record and drives a 2012 sedan.