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Cross-country charity stopping in OKC

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A non-stop, cross-country relay is making its’ way through Oklahoma City.

One Run For Boston is a 14 state, 24/7 relay from Santa Monica to Boston to support survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

According to One Run For Boston, 86 runners in Oklahoma traversing 406 miles in 5 to 15 miles stages before crossing the border into Missouri.

Over 2,000 runner are said to participate in this coast-to-coast relay.

“Many involved were directly impacted by the Marathon bombing, are close to those who were wounded, or simply moved to do something positive in the wake of the events of April 15, 2013,” said Kate Treleaven, or of the three organizers.  “Many around the One Run For Boston feel a sense of kinship with the cities and people who have endured acts of terror, and as we cross the country, we reflect at the National Memorial in Oklahoma City.”

This year, organizers have set the fundraising goal for $1 million.

Saturday, March 29, at 5 p.m., a group will gather at the Oklahoma City Memorial and take part in a five-mile run.

To donate or run the group stage of the relay, visit the One Run For Boston’s website.