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Oklahoma family launches high-tech business

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YUKON, Okla. - What do you get when you mix family, brains and business?

A Yukon family says they have created a high-tech product that could make our live a lot easier.

The Montgomery's tinker and produce in their garage, and even take it to the dining room table.

"This is a hub - it's called an Angel Gate - this is the main brain of the system," says Steve Montgomery.

The brains of this Yukon family want to bring smart technology into every house -  and make it really easy.

"It's peel and stick and you basically forget."

Steve Montgomery did smart tech for oil and gas and decided to take it home.

"How this all got started we have a dog that wouldn't stay out of the bathroom trash  - my wife said we're doing everything for the oil and gas industry why can't you keep the dog out of the trash," says Steve.

He invented it and a business was born.

"They're called Angel Blocks. We tell people to think of them as your own personal army of guardian angels. The idea is they are your home's guardian angels.  Angel blocks are wireless battery operated devices that you can put all over your house and they make your things smart.   They turn on lights, open and close garage doors.  Lock your doors - you name it," says Steve.

The smart stick-on blocks are controlled through your computer, smart phone or what's called an "Angel Tag."

"You put it on people, pets, and things."

It's called a Kick-starter business.

The funding comes from anyone who buys a product - and they welcome all feedback.

This family is ready to get their product on the market - and make lives easier.

For more information visit the AngelBlocks Kickstarter page.