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Wine + milkshakes = Popular burger chain’s new drink

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This spring, a popular burger chain will begin serving wine milkshakes in its 496 restaurants across the U.S. and Canada.

Yes, wine milkshakes.

Red Robin is calling the beverage the “Mango Moscato Wine Shake.”

Made with vanilla soft serve, moscato-flavored vodka, and moscato wine, the shake is “definitely sweet,” says Red Robin’s master mixologist Donna Ruch.

Retailing for $7.49, the drink will set you back about $3 more than Red Robin’s typical draft beer or glass of wine.

The concept of mixing dairy and wine might strike some as completely bizarre.

But the drink’s presence on the burger chain’s menu is a reflection of the dismal state of the casual dining industry.

As chains like Red Robin compete for ever-dwindling market share and sales, novelty and higher-margin items like boozy milkshakes might be what sets one chain apart from another.