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Radio host claims ‘Frozen’ promotes witchcraft, homosexuality

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Courtesy: Generations With Vision

Earlier this week, officials announced that ‘Frozen’ took the top spot as the highest-grossing animated film of all time.

Now, a pastor claims parents should keep their kids away from the movie.

Kevin Swanson says ‘Frozen’ may lead children to witchcraft, have them take on the source of God and says it promotes bestiality and homosexuality.

In his ‘Generations With Vision’ radio show, Swanson hosted a program called “Disney’s Progressive Agenda.”

At the time, Swanson admitted that he had not seen the movie ‘Frozen,’ but said he had found pro-homosexual elements in the movie through his research.

He said, “Elsa is presented as noticeably different, born that way.”

He says she tries to hide her true nature but then ‘outs’ herself.

Swanson also claimed Christophe and Sven had an unnatural relationship, promoting bestiality.

In another recent show, the radio hosts claimed ‘Frozen’ also promoted witchcraft and a disbelief in God.

Swanson said, “God is not worshiped, God is not seen as the source of power and thus many of these magical tales turn out to be a means by which children are led to witchcraft.”

However, it seems many parents across the country feel differently about the film.

Several videos have been posted to YouTube of parents and adults singing along to the movie’s soundtrack.

According to Common Sense Media, the film has a few “violent scenes that involve men with weapons, snarling wolves, a scary snow monster, a severe storm, and a character who nearly freezes to death. A character falls in love twice and ends up sharing two kisses at the end of the story. Messages include unconditional love between sisters after a long estrangement, being true to yourself, recognizing your gifts, and not being afraid of your power.”

On the site, it gives the movie’s ‘positive messages’ a 4 out of 5 ranking.