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84-year-old plows through CVS, narrowly misses 80-year-old


FLORIDA – An 80-year-old woman in Florida is counting her blessings after someone drove their car into a CVS store — missing her by inches.

80-year-old Adrienne Watkins was in line to buy a candy bar in front of the cash register, when seconds later, a car crashes through the front door and stops in the aisle next to her.

Amazingly, Watkins only suffered a few bumps and bruises from the scare.

“The police man came into the hospital and he said if you had been out a foot further, you would’ve gotten hit. Wow! I looked up and said God you’ve taken care of me. Thank you. He was really working,” says Watkins.

Police say the 84-year-old driver had just backed into another car before putting her car in drive and running it into the store.

The woman who was driving has been cited for the crash.