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Boston marathon doubles security for upcoming race

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It’s been almost a year since the Boston Marathon bombings.

The dozens of victims wounded in the attack, on the road to healing.

Some of those victims, returning to the hospital where they were treated immediately after the blasts.

Doctors and nurses on duty in the ER that day found out they had more in common with those they treated.

Heather Abbott was one of those wounded. She walks on a prosthetic leg.

Abbott says she continues to be amazed by the support she has received, as she learns about herself, almost one year later.

“I’m doing great. I really am, I’m doing a lot of the activities I used to do, which I’m happy about. I’m progressing right along. I mean it hasn’t been an easy year, but I don’t think I could have asked for a better recovery. It’s gone pretty well,” says Abbott.

Security measures have been increased ahead of this year’s April 21st marathon.

More than 3,500 officers will also be on patrol.