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Bold shoplifter takes apart Wal-Mart display case

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - Shawnee police are searching for a brazen shoplifter who actually used tools inside the Wal-Mart there to dismantle a jewelry display case.

His heist is caught on surveillance cameras inside the store.

You can see a man who appears to be browsing the jewelry section.

He leaves for a few minutes then comes back with some sort of tool and actually takes apart a jewelry display case.

"He just pops the top of it off and takes the glass off and moves it over to the side," said Detective Jason Crouch with the Shawnee Police Department.

The man then starts stuffing jewelry inside his hoodie.

Det. Crouch said, "They're the like little packages of earrings and like little chain pendants and stuff. But they're diamond and gold. And they were anywhere from $25 to $50 apiece."

In fact, when it was all said and done, the man had stolen more than $1500 worth.

"I don't think he was trying to hide but I don't think he was really caring about it either. His back was to the camera as he was taking the items, but as he walked out, it got a really good picture of him," said Det. Crouch.

Police are hoping the picture will help identify the man.

They also got a picture of his car parked in the parking lot.

"We've got good pictures, good video of him, if we can get someone to identify him, that would help out a lot," said Det. Crouch.

The man got away with 34 different jewelry items.