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Moore tornado victim running for state office

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An Oklahoma mother is announcing her run for office.

Danni Legg says lawmakers are not doing enough to protect Oklahoma children.

Her nine-year-old-son, Christopher, died on May 20 in Plaza Towers Elementary.

She talked with NewsChannel Four about her plans to run for a seat in the House of Representatives.

Legg admits she never imagined she would be running for office but says she is doing it not only to honor her son but for all children in Oklahoma.

A cry of danger is now that of progress.

"Some days it's bittersweet, because it's going up so fast," Danni Legg said of the construction at Plaza Towers Elementary. "It's such a change. We didn't have this before."

If they had, Danni's son Christopher would still be alive.

"That's a safe room. That's a four pod safe room," she said pointing to the school. "And that's what could have protected my son the day he lost his life."

Because he is buried two hours away, Danni would come here every day to talk to her son at the memorial and crosses that used to decorate the leveled school grounds.

"They pulled out the crosses and that ended," Danni said. "This is where he was that day."

But she says Christopher did not die for nothing, and now she is carrying on his heroic actions.

"If my son walked down the hall to protect his friend, I've got to do the same thing for the children of Oklahoma," she said.

Danni is now running for state representative of district 53.

That seat is currently held by Representative Mark McBride.

Danni said she has done all she can on a local level to rally for storm shelters in schools.

She is now taking her crusade to the state level.

"We need to just shelter Oklahoma kids and stop arguing about the money and where it comes from. It was there to begin with," she said. "I don't know why it won't be there tomorrow."

McBride is the cofounder of Shelter Oklahoma Schools and said he has helped put shelters in six Oklahoma Schools since last year.

The effort is non profit and raises money through donations.