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Victim’s mother outraged, convicted killer back on the streets

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A metro mother is outraged after the man convicted of killing her son was released from prison after serving less than two years of his sentence.

Now he's facing charges stemming from another crime scene.

Shots fired at Club Rush made headlines, five people were injured.

But for Christie Stevenson seeing those arrested at the scene brought up horrific memories.

"We never got justice for Josh," she said.

Her 19-year-old son Joshua Malone was murdered back in 2010 while visiting a friend's house.

Dominique Long who also goes by Reeves was convicted of manslaughter along with other crimes.

With a plea deal, he was sentenced to four years in prison.

Stevenson said, "When that happened, we had to leave the courtroom. It was really hard to deal with."

But Long (Reeves) only served a year and a half of his sentence, which was very upsetting for Malone's family.

When Christie Stevenson saw Long's mugshot plastered on her TV again she was outraged.

"I'm mad, we're very upset that this could happen," said Stevenson.

Now 19-years-old and less than six months out of prison, Long (Reeves) was arrested at night club shooting crime scene for drug possession.

Stevenson said, "Something is very, very wrong with our system, very, very wrong and it needs to change."

We talked with criminal defense attorney Phil Winters about how someone convicted of first degree manslaughter and seven counts of shooting, with intent to kill could get out of jail so soon.

Winters said, "This young man entered what's called an Alford plea and that means that he maintained his innocence."

Winters said that kept him from going to trail and likely a life sentence.

"My guess is that the state didn't feel like they had a real strong case or they wouldn't have offered him a plea deal." said Winters.

"Just seeing him in the news involved in a shooting again ... is painful for us all over again," said Stevenson.

She keeps a memorial of Joshua in her living room with his cell phone, wallet and other belongings he carried when he was murdered.

Stevenson is hoping Long (Reeves) goes to prison for all the crimes he is connected to.