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Community supports Nevada rancher in standoff with federal government

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BUNKERVILLE, Nev. – One man’s cattle are being rounded up as part of a two-decade-long dispute over grazing fees.

According to New York Daily News, one longtime rancher and hundreds of his supporters are battling the federal government, which has moved to seize cattle that graze on thousands of acres on public land.


The government is reportedly rounding up the man’s 900 beef cattle during the next several days because Cliven Bundy, 68, refused to pay grazing fees on 600,000 acres of public land surrounding his 160-acre farm.

Officials have closed the public area until May 12 as they continue to roundup the animals.

New York Daily News says that the animals are now considered “trespass cattle” and the federal Bureau of Land Management are using cowboys and helicopters to roundup the cows.

Bundy ranch called for help from the community in a blog post stating “YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING WHAT YOU CAN DO! AND NOW ITS TIME!!!!!!

They have my cattle and now they have one of my boys.  Range War begins tomorrow at Bundy ranch at 9:30 a.m.  Bring your signs and horses, and plan to stay as long as you can!  We are going to get the job done!”

Reports say that Bundy’s son Dave was arrested after he visited a closed section of land and took pictures of officials.

One of Bundy’s nieces told the Daily News that another son had been shocked with a stun gun.

BLM claims the rancher owes $1 million in unpaid fees, while Bundy claims his debt is closer to $300,000.