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Many claim Army’s new hairstyle rules are racially biased

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(CNN) – Many are upset by the U.S. Army’s new hairstyle rules.

According to CNN, some are calling the changes racially biased with a lack of regard for ethnic hair.

“These new changes are racially biased and the lack of regard for ethnic hair is apparent,”said Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs of the Georgia National Guard.  “I think, at the end of the day, a lot of people don’t understand the complexities of natural hair. A lot of people, instead of educating themselves, they think dreadlocks and they think Bob Marley, or they see women with really big Afros and they think that’s the only thing we can do with our hair.”

Jacobs has started a White House petition asking the Obama Administration to reconsider the new policy.

So far, nearly 15,000 people have signed the petition.