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Metro woman gives the gift of music to retirement homes

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It gets retirees keeping the beat – and singing along.

The magic of music.

In many places around the metro, it is Margo’s music that keeps them keeping time, joining in and re-living some wonderful memories.

“We do the old timies from the 20’s the 30’s the 40’s”

For more than 30 years Margo Thein has been going to retirement homes around the metro and entertaining.

Margo said, “Even though I make mistakes, they laugh with me. My theme song is ‘Brighten the Corner Where You Are’ and that’s what I try to do.”

Everyone gets a sheet with words and a trip down memory lane.

“The ones that impress me the most are the Alzheimer’s groups.  They can’t speak but all of a sudden you’ll see their little feet tapping you see their hands going and you hear the melodies coming out of their mouths.”

For all the joy Margo brings, Marvin Leyerle knew he should nominate her for Pay it 4ward, “To honor Margo for many years of entertaining senior citizens of Oklahoma city and  the surrounding areas.”

Taylor Ortiz from Spirt Bank Mortgage told Marvin, “Marv first off thank you for nominating Margo. What she does is an amazing thing for you and everybody else.  And she really does it from the goodness of her heart.  She doesn’t expect any recognition, but on behalf of Spirit Bank Mortgage we would like to show her some recognition so on behalf of Spirit Bank and NewsChannel 4 we’d like to give you 400 dollars so you can pay it forward.”

We found Margo at the Forest Glade Retirement Community in Bethany doing what she loves to do.

“I’m Meg Alexander from Newschannel 4.  We have a program called Pay it 4ward and you Margo have a friend who has nominated you on behalf of Spirit Bank Mortgage and Channel 4.”

Mavrin presented Margo with the money stating, “Margo on behalf of Spirit Bank Mortgage and Channel 4,  I’d like to present you with 400 dollars to Pay it 4ward pay off –  1 hundred,  2 hundred, oh my gracious – 4 hundred.”

“My goodness – oh my goodness. Oh my gracious.  I can’t believe this  In the 31 years I’ve been doing this NOBODY has ever done this before. I feel rich, I feel happy,” said Margo.

Her work is keeping her audience rich and happy as well.