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Oklahoma Attorney General looking for another term

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Attorney General is looking for another term in office.

Attorney General Scott Pruitt filed for re-election today at the Oklahoma Capitol.

He promises to continue his fight against federal overreach and to protect the rights and interests of Oklahomans.

He released a stating saying:

“Oklahomans are concerned with what they see in Washington and the direction our country is headed. The president and his administration are undermining the rule of law through their actions to expand federal authority, and the situation is unlikely to improve soon,” Pruitt said. “Oklahomans elected me attorney general to fight to restore the proper balance between the state and federal governments. Whether it’s our challenge against the Affordable Care Act, our efforts to stand up to the EPA, or our lawsuit to unravel the unconstitutional Dodd-Frank law, I am fighting each day to protect Oklahomans and fight for the rule of law and the preservation of our constitutional system. The fight is not over; there is much work to do. The next four years will be critical, and it’s my hope the people of Oklahoma give me the chance to continue to fight for them and the restoration of the principles of our founding.”

According to reports, during his time in office, Pruitt established the first federalism unit to combat unwarranted regulation and overreach by the federal government.

He also reportedly filed the first lawsuit in the nation against the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.