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UPDATE: Police capture last two involved in a brutal attack on a local grandfather

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UPDATED 5:00 p.m.

According to authorities, Marcus Spicer and Trey Davis were picked up by OCPD this afternoon in the area of 23rd & Rockwell.

Both men will be transported to Oklahoma County jail later this evening.

Edmond Police Department has also have two others in custody.

According to reports, detectives will be presenting felony charges of burglary, aggravated assault and battery, and first degree robbery for two juveniles and one adult.

Today an additional charge of Obstructing an Officer was added after running from officers in a manhunt this morning in OKC at 4th & MLK.

EDMOND, Okla - Her tears far outnumber her words.

But the emotions speak volumes about the attack her husband endured Tuesday afternoon.

The woman, whose name we are protecting, said, "It was a home invasion and they beat my husband to a pulp. He's in the hospital."

Police say she was held at gunpoint, while a team of assailants unleashed a relentless beating on her husband.

Edmond Police Department Spokesperson, Jenny Monroe said, "Kicking, hitting, punching him to the point he was unconscious. She was yelling at them to stop."

The intruders escaped in an older white mini van, with a stolen wallet, rifle and cell phone.

Authorities say the senior citizens were an easy target. And this was no random attack!

The beating victim was expecting a package to be delivered.

When he heard a knock at that door, he went to answer it.

He was greeted by 4 strangers and his 14-year-old granddaughter.

Neighbors say Jade Nicole Willman used to live here.

According to Angela Loboda, "She hangs around with a rough crowd, so I wouldn't expect it but I'm not floored by it."

Police are canvassing the area for the attackers and for Jade, who authorities fear, may be in harm's way.

Monroe said, "Is she in a situation we need to get her out of? We need to know where she is so we can figure out what's going on with her."

Police would like to speak with Jade Willman but are having difficulty finding her because she stays at "various houses around the metro."

If you know her whereabouts, contact Edmond Police.

It could earn you a Crimestoppers reward.