Marcum’s Nursery – Trees are a valuable element of your landscape.

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When it comes to landscape plants, the most valuable landscape plant you can get are your trees. Your trees have the longest life expectancy. They grow bigger.  They're going to taking up more space in your landscape. They provide you with shade. They provide you with windbreak, sight line breaks and all kinds of things that smaller landscape plants just can't do.

Trees are great to be planted for certain events like the birth of a child, Father's Day, all kinds of things. They make great gifts that are long lived and can be enjoyed for years and years to come.

There's all types of trees. There's shade trees. There's flowering trees. There's evergreen trees. So, you need to have the right space in order to plant your tree and make sure it's in the right spot.

Good luck planting trees and we'll see you at Marcum's Nursery.

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