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They say opposites attract, but how true is it?


We all know the saying, opposites attract, but how true is it?

There are tons of movies about this very fairy tale topic.

The nerdy girl falls for the popular guy — or vice versa but experts say, not so fast!

It seems, generally you like people who are like you. Couples who are mismatched don’t last.

A professor of psychology at the University of Texas in Arlington told “Upwave” that research shows “similar people are more likely to get together in the first place” and “find satisfaction in their relationship.”

But those who study relationships say you don’t have to be too similar.

A professor who studies relational communication at Depaul University says being different in minor areas works but most successful couples share core values, similar backgrounds and thoughts on what they do and don’t like.

Still not convinced? Consider your BFFs. “If you look at who your friends are… they’re more similar to you than different,” says Horan. “In general, humans are uncomfortable with uncertainty. Similarity allows us a certain level of predictability. [When situations occur], you can generally predict how your partner will react.” And that’s a comforting thing.