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Fingerprint scanner, heartbeat sensor, and fully waterproof; Can your phone beat that?


The newest, hottest gadget goes on sale today.

Samsung’s biggest challenge isn’t deciding what to add to its new smartphones, but figuring out what to leave off.

Its latest phone, the Galaxy S5, is still busy and scattered. But the Galaxy S5 shows that Samsung is beginning to take a more cautious and thoughtful approach than with its Galaxy predecessors.

Unfortunately, adding flashy, unnecessary features is required for marketing a smartphone these days.

The Galaxy S5 has its share –some successful and some forgetful.

The big new additions include an Apple iPhone-like fingerprint sensor, a heartbeat sensor, water resistance and a new focus on health tracking.

The Galaxy S5 is water- and dust-resistant and can last up to 30 minutes submerged in a meter of water. Though it’s not guaranteed to be fully waterproof it might prevent a few early smartphone deaths.