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Young Oklahoma girls battling cancer have a heartwarming update, after picture goes viral

UPDATE: A photo of three little girls, who were all bald from chemotherapy, captured hearts around the world.

However, many people wondered what became of the children.

According to Yahoo Health, all three girls are now in remission.

Ryley, 3, has beaten a form of stage-five kidney cancer and 4-year-old Ainsley is in remission from acute lyphoblastic leukemia.

Also, 6-year-old Rheann is in remission from a rare form of brain cancer called mucoid spindle sarcoma.


BETHANY, Okla. – A picture of three young cancer survivors is going viral on social media.

According to a news release from OSU, local boutiques and photographers donated their time and talents to produce the photos of Ainsley, Ryley, and Rheann and bring attention to childhood cancer.

Lora Scantling, Scantling Photography of Bethany, Okla. via OSU release

Lora Scantling, Scantling Photography of Bethany, Okla. via OSU release

Since the photograph went viral, one of the photographers has received hundreds of messages thanking her for her work.

One of the children featured in the picture, Ainsley Peters, was the recipient of this year’s Bennett Jam fundraiser at Oklahoma State University.

The funds raised went to Ainsley’s family to help pay for medical bills and home renovations related to her cancer treatment.

OSU reports that Ainsley’s cancer is now in remission.