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Wobbly sign shuts down major OKC roadway

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WARR ACRES, Okla. - A road sign is a casualty of recent fierce winds, battered by weekend gusts and forced the shutdown of a MacArthur between 36th and 39th streets.

The sign looked like it could topple over at any moment.

It might not look like it is moving, but get at the right angle and you can see it.

"Yes. It was swaying," an onlooker said.

The massive sign has emergency crews on stand by and a busy roadway closed to traffic.

"It's moving probably five to six feet at the top," Warr Acres Fire Chief Kenny Coger said.

It is eerily swaying back and forth with each big gust of wind.

"The wind is what is making it so dangerous right now," Coger said. "We're afraid it could come off."

The area around the sign is taped off the radius of the sign plus a little more.

"They're doing some dangerous work up there in that sign, and we're going to be here just in case," Coger said.

Emergency workers are not the only ones watching the progress, so is the man who owns the sign, nervously watching from his car.

"It's not anything fun to look at," Joe Gholami said. "That's probably a million dollar sign."

Crews are climbing in and out of the leaning structure trying to stabilize it so they can repair it for good, and it is no quick fix.

"It's a double line pole. You've got the bigger part that goes down in the ground considerably," Coger said. "What we've got is a collar inside that is broke which is allowing this pole to shift in this heavy wind."

They are roping it down, but the wind is putting up a pretty good fight.

"According to the sign guys, they're telling me they're actually going to get up in it and do the permanent fix today,"Coger said. "I think it's all wind predicated. This wind isn't going to drop tonight. The plans are to stabilize it and get up there and weld it. We'll see."

That portion of MacArthur will be closed until repairs are made.

They are expected to be complete by the end of the day Monday.