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In Your Corner: Mistake costs OK man time and money

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BRIDGE CREEK, OKLA. – Al Coster got himself into a taxing situation after he hired a tax preparer to stitch together his tax return.

“They went in and filled them out on the computer like you would do online or anywhere else,” he said.

Al glanced over his return, signed the dotted line and thought he was paid up to the IRS.

“Until December of last year, I got a letter from the IRS saying I owed them $500 dollars right before Christmas.”

The tax preparer made several mistakes on Al’s return.

The IRS even charged him interest on his unpaid tax.

“I made the mistake by not checking the return close enough I guess,” Al said.

Here’s the In Your Corner bottom line.

The tax payer is legally responsible for what goes on their tax return even when someone else prepares it.

As tax season draws to a close there are new reports of phone and email scams.

  • Never click on links.
  • The IRS will never email you.
  • Agents won’t ask for your pin or credit card information.

Al plans to stay vigilante.

Meanwhile, he’s back in good standing with the IRS and finally received a refund check from the tax preparer.

The state links to free tax preparation software online.

Review your entire return before signing it.

Always go with a tax preparer you know and trust.