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More prison time for former pharmacist convicted of murder

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CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. - Two more years have been added on to the life sentence currently being served by former pharmacist Jerome Ersland.

Prison guards accused Ersland of having contraband in jail.

Prosecutors say he got the drugs from his own son.

All the while, Jerome Ersland is in the midst of appealing his controversial murder case in which a jury found him guilty of using excessive force to stop a teenager from robbing the Oklahoma City pharmacy where he worked.

He shot the teenager several times after the teen was down.

To add to that, his son Jeff Ersland is accused of showing up for a prison visit with Fentanyl patches in doses that are stronger than Morphine.

"I'm really sorry. I'd rather not discuss it right now. Thank you guys for coming out, though," Jeff Ersland told News Channel Four when crews asked him about the accusations.

Less than 24 hours earlier, his dad pleaded guilty to trying to hide the patches during that jail visit.

It happened back in November of 2012.

Court documents say when officers asked the former pharmacist what he was hiding, he said "a candy bar" before revealing the drugs.

Jerome supporters still stand by him.

They say he was trying to protect his son from punishment when he hid the patches and say he never asked his son to bring them inside the prison.

Prosecutors say Ersland does have back problems.

However, there are prison doctors for that treatment.

The son got probation.

Ersland will have to serve the two years in prison even if a jury overturns his murder conviction.