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Shawnee residents forced out of mobile home park

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - Dozens of Shawnee residents are soon to be without a home after finding out that their mobile home park is shutting down.

"Don't have a home. It's a little hard, but we'll get through it I guess, together, as a family," said Tiffany Bierd.

Bierd got a notice from the owner of Meadow Ridge Mobile Home Park that she had until June 10 to move out.

The owner said he couldn't afford the improvements the Department of Environmental Quality was requiring after finding high levels of uranium in the water.

But now, residents have also found out that the owner owes more than $20,000 in back taxes.

If he doesn't pay, the property will be auctioned off June 9.

"It does make you pretty ticked off that he didn't think about the people that he has here," said Bierd.

People like 73-year-old Eldon Haas who lives with his 89-year-old mother.

"I feed deer and turkey, I got them coming up in the yard and I feed them," said Haas.

Haas says they couldn't move their mobile home.

"It'd cost so much and it could just fall apart," said Haas.

Haas' mom has called the park home for more than 30 years.

He remembers it fondly from better days when it was well kept.

He doesn't want to move.

"Well yeah, it'll be hard, but we gotta do it," said Haas.

Not everyone's taking the news so well.

"Oh I was pissed. Excuse me," said Lisa Robnett.

Robnett says she feels like the owner of the property owes them.

"I feel cheated. I feel like they owe everybody, from 2010 to present, their money back," said Robnett.

The owner of Meadow Ridge Mobile Home Park tells NewsChannel 4 the residents having to move is strictly about the water issue and has nothing to do with the taxes owed.

He says the board of his company will vote whether or not to pay those taxes and keep the property, but the residents will still have to find new homes.