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ATTACKERS: “No one is safe” cryptic message left for one Oklahoma town

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DUNCAN, Okla. - A city of Duncan employee is recovering after being stabbed at the city’s water treatment facility.

His alleged attackers left him with a chilling message to police.

Safe is a word most residents would usually use to describe the City of Duncan.

But last August there was some doubt after Australian athlete Christopher Lane was gunned down allegedly out of boredom.

And police say what happened Monday night doesn't help.

They’re investigating another crime that just doesn't add up, leaving them with more questions than answers.

A 50-year-old city employee was working into the night at the water treatment facility when he was attacked by three masked men in dark-colored clothing.

He told police he didn't think he had any enemies, and the masked men didn't rob him, but they did leave him with a warning for detectives like Bill Fitzhugh.

Det. Fitzhugh says, "The individual says that he's going to be a message for the police and that nobody's safe in the city of Duncan."

The city employee was left with stab wounds to his legs, and stomach. He was also stabbed in his chest, right through the official seal of the City of Duncan.

“It's a work shirt he had on with his name and the city of Duncan emblem,” says Fitzhugh. “They have a sew on patch that they wear and the stab wound was through that seal."

Fitzhugh isn't assuming the alleged attackers are bluffing. He's working to find out who they are and what they have planned.

Until then he says there is no reason to stay away from Duncan.

"I don't want them to panic,” says Fitzhugh. “I don't believe we're at that stage. Duncan is still safe."

Investigators are still looking for anything that can lead then to the suspects.

If you have any tips you are urged to call Duncan Police at (580) 255-2112.