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Authorities investigate two drive-by shootings; here’s how you can help…

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OKLAHOMA COUNTY - A dangerous situation in far Eastern Oklahoma County.

Gunshots were fired, randomly, at two separate homes.

Oklahoma County deputies are investigating two drive-by shooting incidents.

One happened along Luther Road near Southeast 29th, the other near Southeast 15th and Peebly Rd.

The two shootings were within minutes of each other. Both narrowly missed the people who live in each home.

Deputies are now looking for a black Mustang. They are hoping the driver may help them solve this case.

Tina Nelson, one of the victims, said, "It scared the living fire out of me.
Another woman, who asked us to not use her name, was sitting in her living room when a bullet shattered the window right behind her chair.

She said, "It came straight through here and missed everything. And then, it hit this window right here."

Her children were sleeping in the next room. She immediately called for help. While she was on the phone with dispatch more shots were being fired about a mile away.

She said, "She (the dispatcher) said, 'We just got another call you need to stay inside, stay away from the windows. Another house got hit.'"

Those shots were at the home of Tina Nelson.

Nelson was in her living room when the front glass door shattered.

She said, "The bullet hole in the glass window was just a couple of feet over my head from where I was sitting."

While she only heard one shot investigators found numerous holes in her siding and even had to dig a bullet from her foundation.

It's believed the first shots came from behind the first woman's home. They may have come from somewhere near a gas station at Southeast 15th and Peebly.

Sheriff's officials released video showing a black mustang at the gas station just before the shootings.

Mark Myers, spokesperson for the Oklahoma County Sheriff, said, "As soon as they drove off that's when they heard shots fired."

Investigators would like to talk to the driver and passenger to see if they can help in solving this case.

Investigators also found several spent casings and live rounds for a .22-caliber weapon just down the street from the gas station.

If you have any information you are asked to call the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.

You can see the surveillance video here.