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Man charged with sex crimes after game of truth or dare with 2 teenage girls

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MOORE, Okla. - Police say a man sexually assaulted two teenage girls and coaxed them into vulgar sex acts during a game of truth or dare.

The games allegedly took place inside a Moore daycare center that is operated by the suspects family.

Count after count of despicable sex acts are listed under 20-year-old Danny Lee Ray Hilton's name on court documents.

He was charged after two young girls came forward claiming Hilton encouraged them to play truth or dare with him inside his bedroom, and that bedroom was located inside a home daycare center.

The details of the game Hilton would play with the girls are too graphic to mention, but Hilton's roommate did not mind talking about her live in friend at all.

"He's very introverted. All he does is he goes to work for eight hours or however long, works and he comes here, and he plays video games all day long," she said. "I'm sick of it."

She may be sick of Hilton's video game playing, but she does not believe he raped the girls.

"I don't think so because he's very...childish," she said. "I couldn't see him doing that to anyone. He's very dumb."

She and her fiance met Hilton at work and let him stay with them, because he told them he had no other place to go.

"I think that they're just lying, but his parents, I guess, completely and utterly believed the girls," she said.

NewsChannel Four talked to Hilton's parents about the incident.

"We did everything we could as a daycare," Hilton's parents said.

Hilton's parents say they have cooperated with authorities, and DHS has investigated the matter.

They also tell NewsChannel Four the victims involved were not children enrolled in the daycare program, and the incidents did not happen during daycare hours.