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KINGFISHER, Okla. - The Pharmacy Board is investigating a well-known Pharmacist after one of his employees claims he headbutted him.

A NewsChannel Four investigation revealed this is not the first time the Pharmacist, Dennis Satchell, has faced an investigation.

Reporter teams showed up at his business, Heritage Pharmacy, Wednesday after learning he was accused of headbutting an employee.

"There was no headbutting," said Satchell.

However, Cameron Miller says it happened.

"He called me names before." said Miller.

After three years with Heritage Pharmacy, Miller says the pharmacist took it too far.

"I was pretty much in shock, like, 'Did that just happen?'," said Miller.

Miller says he was working to fix a video on Satchell's phone when it messed up.

That is when he says the pharmacist went ballistic.

"He just told me I'm an [expletive], and I'll never amount to anything really, and I need to take responsibility for my own actions," said Miller. "He's 6'1", and I'm 5'3". He's just in my face screaming with tobacco and stuff going everywhere and just headbutts me."

Satchell refused to admit that.

"I did not headbutt him, not by anybody's definition other than the court system. They said they have new standards as to what violence is." said Satchell.

Satchell didn't want to address the argument any more until we explained the Pharmacy Board was investigating.

He's been before the board before.

In 2011, Chief Compliance Officer Cindy Hamilton says he refilled prescriptions for patients, but a doctor did not authorize the prescription.

In 2013, he was back again for the same issue.

Plus, documents say he hired a pharmacist who had a prior felony conviction filling a prescription on a patient that was not authorized by a doctor.

That resulted in that patient's overdosing death.

In order for that doctor to work at a pharmacy, Satchell was required to get a waiver from the Bureau of Narcotics.

He was fined a total of $9,000 for those incidents.

He could be fined or even lose his job for the headbutting fiasco according to the Pharmacy Board.

Reporters asked Satchell if he ever called Miller names.

He said no.

However, he said it's possible he cussed at the former employee.

Not to mention he posted a photo of Miller with a tack in his forehead and the words Dennis' "Victim" underneath.

He posted it for other employees to see.

When asked why, he struggled to find words.

"Why did I do that? I wanted to, I think I took them down, thankfully," said Satchell. "Well, Dennis' Victim. I don't feel he was a victim."

Satchell pleaded no contest in court.

Miller's attorney tells us he plans to sue the pharmacist for damages.