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ATTENTION DRIVERS: A High-traffic Oklahoma bridge is now open to motorists

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NORMAN, Okla. -  For the past 15 months if you've traveled to Norman you may have run into a detour or two while trying to get off on main street from I-35.

ODOT along with the City of Norman has been working tirelessly on a new interchange system, one of two of its kinds in the entire state.

Shawn O'Leary Director of Public Works for the City Of Norman says these new bridges are safer, they handle more traffic and they create less of a traffic delay.

Thursday the interchange opened back up to traffic and appears to be running smoothly.

Businesses in the area like S&B Burger on Main Street have been shaken up by the delays and say they are looking to get their wheels back in motion.

District Manager for S&B Burger Aly Branstetter says "Its been tough we've had to try to get creative in trying to get people over cause were at the end but nobody wants to go around."

Luckily for S&B and businesses on main street construction on the overpass is coming to an end.

For businesses south of main street -- they may face the same issue very soon.

Shawn O'Leary- "state highway 9 and I-35 is the next focal point of the project on i-35 and that`s where all of the energy is for us and the dot."

O'Leary says the new interchange systems are going to be a major time saver for motorists in the Norman area, and he knows how much trouble this temporary set back has been.

"When its all done we will have the newest section of I-35 in the country, probably the most modern design in the country."