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Study: Researchers pinpoint the age men become ‘grumpy’

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We can all be described as grumpy at one point or another but a new study claims it has pinpointed the exact age when grumpiness really kicks in for men.

According to the study published in Psychology and Aging, researchers found that as men grow older they have fewer obstacles and annoyances to worry about in life.

However, around 70-years-old, the perception of happiness begins to go downhill.

The study examined 1,315 men who were between the ages of 53 and 85 over a 15 year span.

According to NPR, 80 percent of men said that life became easier when they turned 50-years-old.

About 20 percent said they were happier after they retired.

However, the good feelings about life started to drop at 70-years-old because of illness, mental issues and the loss of loved ones.