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NORTH CAROLINA – Gaston County police have charged an owner of a local barbecue restaurant with selling marijuana, sometimes from his business, after a long drug investigation that began in November 2013.

On Tuesday, police charged smokey’s BBQ Restaurant owner Allen Wooten with a long list of felony and misdemeanor drug charges for possession and selling marijuana.

During the investigation an undercover agent of the Gaston County police department purchased in excess of 30 lbs of marijuana from in and around the BBQ restaurant.

Police said the street value of the marijuana was over $137,000.

The restaurant is also located across the street from a child daycare center, according to investigators.

Also charged during the drug bust: 35-year-old Michael Gene Huffman, 29-year-old Tausha Michelle Mixon, and 25-year-old Jessica Dannette Plummer.

Police are still searching for Plummer.