Fashion police: Teenager suspended from school for carrying purse


GALESBURG, Ill. (WQAD) – A mother of teenager at Galesburg High School says her daughter was suspended for bringing a clutch purse to school.

Carri Harding said, “Checking for weapons and checking for drugs and checking for all that. I am in compliance with that all the way, but this was the last straw.”

Harding’s 17-year-old daughter was carrying a purple, gold-studded bag to class on Monday when she was cited by administrators for not following a ban on purses.

She told WQAD, “She carries her personal feminine napkins in it, hand sanitizing lotion and wipes during her monthly cycle.”

However, feminine products did not equal a valid excuse for carrying the bag in the eyes of the school.

Harding’s daughter was assigned to in-school suspension.

She says the school told her daughter she could carry the purse with a doctor’s note, verifying that she had a medical condition.

Harding said, “Really? A medical condition? I mean, every woman has it every month. It’s not a medical condition, it’s nature.”

WQAD tried to talk with the high school administration but they did not have a comment.