Two popes declared saints at historic canonization

ROME, Italy – Thousands of people watched Sunday morning while two popes were declared saints at the Vatican.

Former popes John the 23rd and John Paul II were both declared saints at the first ever canonization of two popes.

Many are calling Sunday the day of four popes, two who  were up on the altar.

Some wondered if Pope Benedict would be there, but he was and received a big hug from Pope Francis which drew a huge ovation from the large crowd.

Popes John the 23rd and John Paul II both made history while they were pontiffs.

Pope John the 23rd instituted the second Vatican council which made many modernizations to the church including allowing countries to say mass in their own language.

Pope John Paul II was known for his support of the solidarity movement and is credited with helping to bring down the iron curtains and communism.

Millions tuned in around the world as the two former pontiffs were installed as saints.