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Oklahoman takes shelter from storms in style

MOORE, Okla. - If there is one thing Oklahomans know, it is tornado safety.

NewsChannel 4 is on a mission to find those who take it a step further.

In a 10x12, 6 foot tall cellar, Rocky Stone has built the ultimate bunker.

Stepping in, you can not ignore the row of five security camera monitors.

Stone is a retired electrician who has a way with wires.

Among the televisions and entertainment, he has everything you need to survive a tornado.

His wife calls the shelter his man cave, but it becomes a safe haven when the storm sirens scream out.

Last May their home was damaged as they watched the tornado rip through their neighborhood on the security monitors.

When the unforgiving Oklahoma wind is twisting his world above, Stone has an escape built for an Oklahoman who is ready in style.

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