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Planning a Summer Vacation? It may not cost you as much as you think


Americans may get a break at the gas pump during the summer travel season.

AAA reports the National Average for a gallon of gasoline is very likely near its peak – and should drop ahead of the summer driving season.

AAA says it expects prices to fall by the end of the month.

Right now the National average for regular unleaded gasoline is about $3.68 a gallon.

That’s up from $3.56 a month ago.

Prices are impacted by a variety of factors, including consumer demand.

Retail gasoline prices in 36 states, including Oklahoma, have moved higher over the last week led by increases in the Southeast and Gulf Coast caused gas production issues.

A number of Texas refineries have been offline, including Valero’s refinery in Sunray, Alon’s refinery in Big Springs and Phillips 66’s refinery in Old Ocean.

They’re down for maintenance, both planned and unplanned, fueled by the switchover to production of cleaner-burning summer gasoline blends.