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High winds leave residents in Gracemont shaken up and confused

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GRACEMONT, Okla. - Wednesday night, high winds tore through downtown Gracemont, ripping roofs off buildings and knocking over walls.

For some residents, the severe weather hit too close to home.

Bridgette Goergen survived the Moore Tornado and says the minute she heard the winds, she knew something was wrong.

"I just heard this train noise it was a familiar noise that from the Moore Tornado where I was in the Moore Walmart. It was just a real familiar sound and it was scary, just really scary."

Experts say the damage could have been done by straight line winds but based on all of the debris in the area, they aren't ruling out a tornado.

Residents say bricks from the bank were swept up in such a strong wind they traveled nearly five-hundred feet, landing across the street.

County Commissioner Randy Mclemore says up to twenty homes were damaged by the storm, along with multiple businesses.

After the storm passed, Josephine Standing says she was able to pick up all of the debris in and around her home.

"We just have one limb that went through the side of the wall on the side of the house by the air-conditioning - but other than that all the trees fell down."

Standing says if the winds were strong enough to shred her trees and pick bricks off her home, there's no telling what the storm could have done to her.

"I said, well if I go to the cellar, you know I'm so small, it would blow me away. I was afraid of it so I just stayed in the house but I was scared. I was really scared. Thank God it was just a tree and we didn't get hurt, you know that were ok."