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Eager for the iPhone 6 to come out? You might want to sit down for this one


Thinking about purchasing an iPhone 6 once it comes out later this year?

Be prepared to figure out brand new purchase plans; and possibly pay more overall.

Until recently, wireless carriers typically subsidized the price of your device.

Wireless phone companies will aggressively promote installment-based payment planes for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 as they aim to move further away from subsidizing the retail cost of smartphones.

Depending on which carrier you go with, you’ll either pay nothing upfront and face a higher monthly bill.

Or, you will have to pick up the full cost in exchange for a slightly lower bill.

According to CNN, when you pay the full price for an unsubsidized phone, carriers will typically knock about $10 off the monthly wireless service plan. But the total cost of an iPhone ($650 for a 16 GB version) more than offsets the savings.

So you might want to ask your carrier for an old-fashioned $200 plan with a two-year contract if you want to buy an iPhone 6. If your cell phone company is pushing a different kind of plan with the promise of big savings, remember that there’s more in it for them than you.

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