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Prankster evil clown tricks passersby into thinking he’s killing random strangers

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Whether you like clowns or not, this is certainly the stuff nightmares are made of.

DM Pranks Productions pulled off an elaborate scheme where they tricked passersby into believing this evil clown is beating and killing random strangers.

The team posted on YouTube:

Photo: DM Pranks Productions

Photo: DM Pranks Productions via Daily Mail

This is by far the most difficult prank we have ever done.
– We used more than 30 liters of fake blood.
– We did an average of 1 scene every two days.
– We spent more than 20 hours just waiting for victims.
– The Hammer weight is: 16 Kg.
– The guy at gas station pulled a knife but nobody noticed it until we revealed the prank. (you can see the knife the last 10 seconds of the video during the endcard)
– The guy at the metro tunnel ran so fast that nobody of us were able to catch it to reveal the prank, legend says he’s still running.
– At 0:55 the clown slipped and fell on the floor (you can hear the audio of that) unfortunately the camera was pointing the victim at that point.