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Hero cat to throw first pitch at baseball game

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Move over grumpy cat, the hero feline who saved a California boy from a dog attack has become a celebrity.

The cat, named Tara, is reportedly scheduled to “throw” out the first pitch May 20th, at a local minor league baseball game for the Bakersfield Blaze.

No word on exactly how she will pull it off.

Tara reached worldwide fame this week when video surfaced showing her chasing off a dog that attacked her family’s four-year-old son.

Watch it here:

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend.

But not here.

This time a cat comes running to save the day.

Roger Triantafilo posted video of the incident caught on surveillance cameras.

A dog rounds the SUV and latches onto the boy’s leg without warning.

Then the man’s cat jumps in and scares away the dog.

The boy’s leg was badly cut and needed stitches but the father said on YouTube he is thankful because the attack could have been worse.