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Armed robbers hold up local store for beer, leaves owner startled

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A convenience store owner is afraid for his life after armed robbers held up his store.

Surveillance video of the robbery shows a suspect waving a gun and pointing his weapon at witnesses.

The recent robbery has customers concerned.

Returning customer Susan Loveless said, "If that happened when my grandkids were in here with me, I don't know what I would do."

While the armed suspect held up the store, his accomplice grabbed beer out of the cooler.

After grabbing the beer, the man with the gun and his accomplice bolted out of the store, taking two thirty packs of Budweiser with them.

Store owner MD Hossian said, "I thought they stole money with guns ok, now they steal beer with guns. I've never saw anybody steal beer with a gun."

Hossain says people have stolen beer from him before, unarmed, and it hasn't worried him until now.

Now after his life and his employees lives were threatened, Hossian says he will be taking all the necessary precautions, to protect himself and his employees.

"Never do I close that door. You see this door, I never close, now when it's seven o'clock, I close that door because someone could bring a gun and shoot me."