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Oklahoma Republican lobbyist and political activist arrested for cocaine, resigns

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A high-profile lobbyist and former chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party has been arrested for alleged drug possession.

Chad Alexander resigned from "Oklahoman's for a Conservative Future" after police arrested him for possession of cocaine, and prescription pills.

Following his arrest on drug charges, Alexander announced he's now taking a leave of absence from politics.

Alexander's political roots run deep in Oklahoma.

He served as former head of the state Republican Party and most recently as the founder of a political PAC that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support conservative U.S. Senate candidate TW Shannon.

Alexander is now in the headlines for all the wrong reasons following a traffic stop at NW 36th and Western.

Police pulled over the 40-year-old lobbyist on Wednesday.

Inside his car police allegedly found illegal prescription pills and three grams of cocaine.

In a public statement, Alexander blamed the alleged drug activity on the pressure of meeting the demands of his clients at the state capitol writing, "I became personally overwhelmed and started down a path of dependency on chemical substances in an effort to maintain my workload. As ashamed as i am of my decisions and conduct, I am both grateful and relieved that this unsustainable lifestyle has been exposed."

Alexander's statement claims he has checked into the Sante Center for Healing in Texas.

One political commentator says despite Alexander's support of Shannon's campaign, the arrest shouldn't have much impact on Shannon's election chances.

"By law the super PAC can't have access to the candidate," said political commentator Reid Mullins. "It keeps the campaign separate from the money getters. I think it'll be a blip on the radar come June."

Officials with Shannon's campaign were quick to point out Alexander has no connection to their official campaign, although he has raised money in support of his election.

Alexander released this statement about the arrest:

To My Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Clients –
I regret to inform you that I will be taking a leave of absence from my personal and professional obligations for approximately the next 28 days. I am leaving immediately for inpatient care at the Sante Center for Healing in Argile, TX.
Over the course of the last several months, due to the pressure of meeting the demands of my clients at the State Legislature, 15 campaigns, and my duties as a single father, I became personally overwhelmed and started down a path of dependency on chemical substances in an effort to maintain my workload. My
dependency on chemical substances unfortunately culminated in my arrest on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 in Oklahoma County. I have hired counsel for my legal matters and am working with them to aggressively pursue the best possible
outcomes in my case. What began only a couple of months ago has quickly escalated to a point that has caused me to carefully re-evaluate myself and I am committed to making healthy and permanent changes to prevent anything like this from ever happening again. I deeply apologize for any embarrassment I have
caused you, as a person in my life who has both trusted and loved me. Although my actions over the last few months have not met the standards that I strive so hard to maintain both personally and professionally, I want you to know that I am fully committed to dealing with my issues as professionally and proactively
as possible. My only hope is that at some point in the future you will be
willing to grant me another opportunity to earn your trust and to exhibit to you the healthy changes that I will be incorporating into my life. As ashamed as I am of my decisions and conduct; however, I am both grateful and relieved that this unsustainable lifestyle has been exposed and that I can begin the process of seeking out the best help that I can to make sure that this kind of behavior and these kinds of decisions are behind me once and for all. For the time being, and at the advice of my counsel, I will not be at liberty to further discuss the facts of my arrest and/or case, and I hope that you can respect that. On a case-by-case basis, should it become necessary I would be happy to explore the possibility of more detailed discussions with the advice and consent of my attorney, Tommy Adler, of Atkins and Markoff Law Firm.
- Chad Alexander