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4 armed robberies leave town on edge

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - An Oklahoma town is dealing with four armed robberies in a two week period.

Police say what's more concerning is they do not believe all four cases are connected.

No one has been injured in the robberies, but in one case, employees were tied up and threatened.

It's a series of crimes Shawnee police are hoping to put a stop to soon.

It all started on April 29th, at a small convenience store on the town's south side.

Surveillance video shows a man sprinting across the parking lot.

Cameras inside the store show as the black man coming into the store wearing a stocking cap, with his face covered, pointing a gun at the cashier, demanding money.

The cashier gives him the money and the suspect then sprints away.

Later that day, across town, another robbery of a Sinclair gas station.

Police say in this case there were two suspects.

However, they only have a photo of one of the men.

They say in this case the suspects took money and beer.

Days later, another robbery at the first convenience store.

The suspect is believed to be the same man who robbed the store the first time.

He was wearing different clothing but had the same Missouri Tigers stocking cap.

Shawnee Detective Jason Crouch said, "All of the suspects, even in the quick stop robbery, all had guns."

The most recent robbery happened earlier this week at a Shawnee Carl's Jr.

Detective Crouch said, "They actually taped the employees hands together and told them to stay on the floor for two minutes or they'd come back and kill them."

Police are working to get the surveillance video but say the suspects in this case were white men.

Detective Crouch said, "They believe one of the suspects was in there earlier in the evening and asked what time they close."

While police say an armed robbery is not uncommon, it's not a normal occurrence to have so many so close together in Shawnee.

Detective Crouch said, "It's pretty uncommon. We'll get some every now and then but not four in a matter of two weeks," said Detective Crouch. "We have received some tips that we're exploring and following up with."

Police say they could use your help finding these suspects.

A passerby did, in one case, try to chase one of the suspects down; however, the man was fast and managed to get away.

If you have any information you are asked to call Shawnee Police at (405)273-0989